IMU achieves much in Mathematical Contest in Modeling/ Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling

Recently, the results of Mathematical Contest in Modeling/ Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling (MCM/ICM) have been announced. IMU won 2 Meritorious Winner awards and 5 Honorable Mention awards.

MCM/ICM is one of the most known international contests for college students and the top mathematical contest in modeling. The contest questions are regarding such fields as economy, management, environment, resources, ecology, medicine and security. The contests are divided into MCM and ICM. Every contest has 3 questions and contest teams can choose among them. There are 26112 teams from China, the United States, Australia, Canada, Britain and other countries and regions that participated in the contests. There are 6 different levels of awards for the contests and they include:Outstanding Winner, Finalist Winner, Meritorious Winner, Honorable Mention, Successful Participant and Unsuccessful Participant. 30% of the awards are the awards for Outstanding Winner, Finalist Winner, Meritorious Winner, Honorable Mention, of which 0.14% are for Outstanding Winner; 2.24% for Finalist Winner; 7.23% for Meritorious Winner and 20.395 for Honorable Mention.

   MCM/ICM is the important way to cultivate students in innovation. To improve the contest performance, IMU authorities have given the special support to its team and provided the team with intensive training and hugely improved its contestants’ capacity and level for mathematical application. With the conceited efforts of IMU authorities and the advisers of the association concerned, the IMU team has made the great success in the contest. The IMU contestants found their weaknesses and got rid of them during the contests. It is believed that IMU team will make better achievements in MCM/ICM with the support of the School of Mathematical Sciences, the guidance of the supervisors and the efforts of contestants.

Order Number





Xu Zichang, Song Yutong, Sun Qi

Li Yumei

Meritorious Winner


Zhao Xinyue, YinGuoyu, He   Mingsong

Ma Zhuang

Meritorious Winner


Li Jie, Ma Chenfei, Wang   Yu

Liu Yang

Honorable Mention


Zhou Xiqing, Chen Yang,   Zeng Xin

Zhou Yu

Honorable Mention


Du Xian, Wang Xiaoyu,   Zhang Ruiyuan

Liu Yang

Honorable Mention


Zhou Jingchen, Bjjian   Ying, Li Xiang

Zhao Jinxing

Honorable Mention


Sun Ziyu, Hao Peiting, Ren   Haoran

Liu Yang

Honorable Mention

Certificates of awards


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